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Vince and Carol Jones

Keeping up with the Jones’…

A BIG thank you to Vince and Carol for all the work they have done over the years for our club, by allowing us to detect on their permissions, and by turning up just as daylight cracks through to put signs out to allow members to find the dig’s, they have only ever missed about […]

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'..between the handle and the blade..' - part of a Roman Dagger Quillon

Never throw anything away…

When I first started metal detecting I was told: ..never throw anything away until you are 100% sure what it is.. We’ve all heard it – it’s something of a metal detecting commandment. However, many of us are likely unaware how remarkably easy it is to ‘miss’ an important find. Through personal experience, it is […]

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A curious little lead weight?

Geologist required…

It’s tough being a newbie. Especially with the hobby of metal detecting. There’s the issue of permission, the expense and research in selecting equipment, the learning curve involved as you get used to the quirks and tricks of your detector…I could go on. On my very first outing some years ago, I at least had […]

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