Keeping up with the Jones’…

A BIG thank you to Vince and Carol for all the work they have done over the years for our club, by allowing us to detect on their permissions, and by turning up just as daylight cracks through to put signs out to allow members to find the dig’s, they have only ever missed about two meetings in all the 10 years that they have been members of the club, and on the committee.
Vince taking phone calls at all times of the day and night from members with a problem .(Vince seems to be every ones port of call for problems) and is still getting phone calls. Both Carol and Vince will be sorely missed for their hard work over the years and the fun that they both brought to the meetings committee and the Friday club meetings.

I personally thank them for their hard work and advice on all aspects of metal detecting that Vince has given to me on how to get the best out of that dam DEUS of mine, digging holes, even that’s not straight forward, making sure that the hole can’t be seen when you have finished, and also when I was the sites officer, how to approach the farmer when asking for permission for the club to detect on their land, and for coming with me to look at fields for the club to detect on, and the best place to park all the cars which on some digs isn’t always easy.

I also thank them for their friendship in the short time that I have been a member/committee member of this club, which I hope will carry on for more years to come. Out on the land whenever I bump into Vince we stop for a chat and it isn’t always about detecting, we seem to walk in opposite directions up and down a field and when we meet we talk again, being disabled I can’t walk too far without stopping so these chats are a god send, sometimes we meet in the middle of a field and I am trying to find the missing hoard in a hole that is getting deeper Vince checks it out to see if I have really found that hoard ( I haven’t ) I think it’s getting too deep any way so we agree and I fill the hole back in the get the Hover out to clean up after myself. (Other vacs are on the market.)vince_carol

Vince and Carol are always the same whenever you see them what you see is what you get they are always there to help a new comer or old hand in any way that they can.

Whenever you see them out on a dig when dinner time comes around three seats and a table are set up with a forth when I turn up Carol Vince and Chris Morris and myself we must look like some campers out for a picnic with cups of tea sandwiches and with a sticky bun to finish from Vince, this picnic can last for an hour talking about the dig and what we have found and also putting the world to rights. Then back to detecting for the afternoon, or home in my case I have done enough by then.

I have been out a few times with both Vince and Carol and Vince and Chris, and we stop for dinner in the corner of a field or by the car three seats are set up Chris gets the table out we all a cup of tea and coffee in Vince’s case and have daft hats on (road kill as Vince calls them) and wellies covered in mud, we must look like something out of the Last of the Summer Wine TV program.

Personally Let me finish by saying a big thank you to both Vince and Carol, or Carol and Vince whichever is the correct way to say it, for everything that they have done for me, they helped me from day one when I turned up on that first Friday night club meeting Vince introduced himself to me and it all started from there, I am sure that they will still help in any way that they can for years to come. I hope our friendship will carry on for a long time to come. Thank you both for everything.

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