Mark your finds on the map by adding the green' safety pins'

Recording National Grid References

The Portable Antiquities Scheme [PAS] – of which our Find Liasons Officer, Vanessa Oakden, is a part – was set up to record archaeological objects found in England and Wales. It is a voluntary scheme, members can choose whether to record finds with the PAS, or not – the exception being anything falling under the […]

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A curious little lead weight?

Geologist required…

It’s tough being a newbie. Especially with the hobby of metal detecting. There’s the issue of permission, the expense and research in selecting equipment, the learning curve involved as you get used to the quirks and tricks of your detector…I could go on. On my very first outing some years ago, I at least had […]

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Thank you Jane

Thanks and farewell…

At the recent Annual General Meeting [the club’s 37th] Vince Jones, our new Chair, gave thanks to Jane Speed for her valuable work on the Committee. The unanimous and prolonged round of applause from the floor said it all. Jane has been nothing short of a club stalwart, and her tireless work and commitment to […]

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The 'Iddinshall palstave' drawn by P. Alebon

Palstaves and prehistory…

Our club members have been responsible for some fantastic finds through the years – but it’s always special when a hoard is uncovered. People typically equate hoards with visions of pots of precious coin or gold – but it’s not always so. Archaelogical treasure doesn’t belong in such a narrow definition. For example, I recall […]

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