Recovery service

Did you know we provide a completely free recovery service?

We can help!
Members of the public can call on us to help find that lost ring or precious item from their garden or elsewhere, while farmers and landowners can call us to help recover those important metal items and farm machinery or components.

We already liaise with farmers who are aware of our service, are able to call for help year after year knowing we will not let them down.

With some basic information, we can pull together large or small groups of members. We need only have some detail on:

  • The lost item.
  • The known area of land [where the loss occurred].

We are a large club with enthusiastic members, so don’t hesitate to call us if you think we can help.

Previous recoveries
We have a long list of successful recoveries, a few of which include quickly finding:

  • Hundreds of sparkler wires discarded by members of the public at a November 5th bonfire on a farmers field. These could have caused much damage to the silage collector if picked up by the machine, while the wires also posed a hazard to cattle grazing the land.
  • A chain assumed lost and gone in a field of long grass, successfully found within hours of starting the search.
  • Metal tine lost from a rotary rake when turning silage prior to collection, found within three hours of the call for help.

Permission to detect
The club will pay landowners to allow our club members to have a days detecting on your land. We are interested in any land, be it grass meadow, ploughed land, or woodland.

  • Outings are normally arranged on Sundays [if that suits].
  • Groups may vary – depending on the size of land and your preference – anywhere between 25 and 40 members.
  • A typical day would span between 9.30am to around 4pm, depending on the time of year and your preference.
  • We can also search your land for items long considered lost or buried in past years.
  • You can decide whether to keep the revenue, or donate to your favourite charity.
  • We guarantee no mess and very little disturbance. All metal objects will be cleared from the site and the area left clean, tidy and safe.
  • As per the Treasure Act 1996, club members will share 50/50 with you the proceeds of any valuable item that may be found.

If you think we can help, or have any further questions or queries you can contact us by:

  • Using the form on the contact page of this website
  • Phoning our sites officer, Jeff Priddin, on 01244 548199
  • Emailing Jeff at